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Silver Lake Ramen noodles

Silver Lake Ramen Restaurant

Silver Lake Ramen By: Tina Lerno Katz

Are you looking for your next favorite local eats? Well, if you haven’t already discovered its noodley, yummy goodness, I’ll let you in on my local’s only recommend; Silver Lake Ramen.

Sometimes the best-kept secrets need to be shared. I’m always torn between sharing my secret spots and wanting to divulge my discovery with friends.

Silver Lake Ramen is quickly becoming a fixture among the young, hip and hungry on the east side. They appeared by stealth [...]

Walk to Intelligentsia

Walk to Intelligentsia Coffee

Walk to Intelligentsia

A walk to Intelligentsia is a great start to any occasion regardless of what your plans are. The coffee bar is incredibly popular amongst the regulars.

This coffee bar is so popular among regular Silver Lake residents. A line isn’t uncommon. The line is definitely worth the wait though. They have delicious coffee. Not to mention amazing pastries, and a staff that really understands the idea of service.

This is the place to be when you are looking for something [...]

People Watching

People Watching – Silver Lake

People Watching

People watching is something people often do, but frequently overlook. See, people watching is practically a habit – we watch where we are going, and we stay aware of our surroundings.

But to sit down and enjoy the site as people come and go is a cheap way to enjoy a day outside. People watching is best done in an area where there will be lots of people coming and going – such as an area near the Silver Lake [...]

Silver Lake Architecture

Silver Lake – 10 Things to do

Silver Lake – 10 Things to do

Silver Lake is located in the central region of Los Angeles, California. The area is rich with history and is probably best known for its restaurants and clubs.

Silver Lake gets its name from the Silver Lake Reservoir. This used to be home to drinking water, but has since been disconnected from the city’s water and has plans to be turned into a public swimming area.

Walt Disney saw the prominence of Silver Lake in the [...]

Silver Lake Reservoir Activities

Silver Lake Reservoir – Silver Lake

Silver Lake Reservoir

The Silver Lake Reservoir is home to Silver Lake and the Ivanhoe Reservoir. It will be closing the reservoirs from the city’s drinking water supply after over eight decades.

The Silver Lake Reservoir was designed to provide drinking water to over 600,000 homes in downtown and South Los Angeles. The reservoir is owned by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. It has been forced to pull the plug on the drinking water supply.

The water supply has faced [...]

Vista Theatre – Los Angeles

Vista Theatre – Los Angeles

Vista Theatre is located just on the border between Los Feliz and Silver Lake in Los Angeles. It opened October 9th, 1923 – over 90 years ago! It was opened as a Lou Bard Playhouse and was packed on its first day.

“Tips” was playing, and it starred Baby Peggy.

This was the first of many movies to play at Vista Theatre – and there are more to come! The single-screen theater not only screened many films, but [...]

Shakespeare Bridge 2

Shakespeare Bridge near Silver Lake

The Shakespeare Bridge

The Shakespeare Bridge is located between Silver Lake and Los Feliz in the Franklin Hills section of Los Angeles, California. The Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #126 was built in 1926 and was named after William Shakespeare and was designed by J.C. Wright.

The Shakespeare Bridge connects St. George Street and Franklin Avenue. The concrete made bridge has a Gothic style that stands 30 feet wide and 230 feet long. The Gothic arches can be found along the bridges and [...]

SL70 development

SL70 – Silverlake’s Newest Home Community

SL70 – Silver Lake’s Newest Home Community

SL70 is building hype all on its own. SL70 is a housing development that is currently building 70 new and modern single-family homes. It is a housing project being taken on by Trumark Urban.

These homes are detached, three to four story homes that allows city living to take on an entirely new feel. The homes will come with two and three-bedroom options, and some will have rooftop access.

The homes will have between 1,200 and [...]

Silver Lake Real Estate

Silver Lake Los Angeles Lifestyle

Silver Lake Lifestyle: Yas Fitness Studio

YAS Fitness Studio has become a Sliver Lake staple.  The Silver Lake community known for its diversity, creativity and health, YAS is the perfect fitness outlet.  Whether spinning is your thing or you are looking for a very forward thinking Yoga class, they’ve got you covered.  I have the pleasure of knowing Coco Wilson very well. She has immersed herself into the YAS culture.  The results not only in her own life but her students [...]

Silver Lake Architecture

Silver Lake Real Estate Market Update

Silver Lake Real Estate

Silver Lake is celebrated internationally as a community for artists of all kinds and like minded people seeking a great walking community in LA.  Forbes rated our community the #1 “hippest hipster neighborhood”.

Silver Lake real estate trends are continuing in an upward trend. From January 2013 to January 2014 the median “sold’ price went up 26%, which is $171,000.

Silver Lake Real Estate Market Trends

I believe it is not just because of the incredible community, but because of [...]