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A 40″ tile mosaic table at Furthur

Do you have big box furniture store dread? Would you be less aggravated with putting your furniture together if the instructions included, you know, words?

Do you think to yourself, “If I could just afford it, I wouldn’t have to decorate with the same temporary particle board furniture everyone else seems to have…”? I’m here to let you in on a notso-secret I wish I’d known about sooner.  You can afford it, and you don’t have to go hunting for it [...]

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 Inside Splendid’s newest retail location in Old Town Pasadena


Splendid began with one simple goal: to create the ultimate t-shirt. Over the

past thirteen years, that humble aspiration has grown into one of the

country’s most successful contemporary lifestyle brands. You can find

Splendid’s collection in department and specialty stores as well in their own

retail stores- of which there now 29 around the country.

Splendid’s latest retail location opened on Colorado Blvd in Old Town

Pasadena this past summer. The store itself reflects the brand’s clean,

simple, [...]


Purgatory at the Junction

Purgatory at the Junction

In 2007, Clarkliving friend and client Tad Yenawine opened Purgatory Pizza in Boyle Heights. The name is a nod to the sort of in-between area where the restaurant stands: not quite urban, not quite suburban, not much in the way of foot traffic, and yet the place has managed to thrive. Yenawine chalks the restaurant’s success up to it being a well-oiled machine. It’s a self-sufficient and efficient system that cranks out consistently good, New York style [...]



The New South Park

South Park, the Downtown LA neighborhood adjacent to the Staples Center and LA Live,

is one of the most rapidly changing areas of Los Angeles.

While downtown’s Historic Core, north of South Park, has grown increasingly pedestrian

friendly in recent years, South Park lagged a little behind—until now. For an area that

used to be largely home to vast parking lots and structures, South Park is making a

conscious effort to continue and expand the downtown revitalization.

One of the least subtle efforts [...]


The Banks

The Banks in Silverlake


Chris Chough, a ClarkLiving friend and client, grew up skateboarding in LA. Over the years he’s

seen skateboarding evolve, splinter, fracture, and resurface with an urgency reminiscent of its

earliest days. As a father, he introduced his kids to skateboarding, and now he’s bringing that

passion to The Banks, a skate shop he opened on Sunset Blvd in Silverlake earlier this month.

         Chris Chough and Steve Clark inside The Banks.


Chough has lived in and around Silverlake for the [...]

Moving Tips

Moving: 10 Tips You Won’t Forget

10 Moving Tips You Won’t Forget

Moving can be a serious pain in the you-know-what. There is far to many little things that need to be packed, there are too many heavy boxes that your aching back doesn’t want to help carry anymore, and there is still the whole unpacking process after that.

No matter how many times you move, you wish you knew some way to make the whole process easier.

10 Moving Tips you Need to Know

Here are 10 of the [...]


zpizza Opens in Silver Lake

zpizza Opens in Silver Lake!

In case you missed the doors opening on Monday in Silver Lake, zpizza had their grand opening. They opened a new location at 2664 Griffith Park Blvd in Silver Lake. I have mentioned quite a few restaurants that appeal to the foodie culture, but zpizza is one of the originals!

Zpizza is known as the first artisan-inspired pizza chain. For the past 25 years, zpizza has attracted foodies from all over the world.  With their nutritious choices, [...]

Home Energy Efficiency

Home Energy Efficiency Tips

Home Energy Efficiency Tips

Home energy efficiency is something that doesn’t always seem to take priority in our lives. Usually, convenience and speed seems to rule the products we use and the way we do things. But, especially in the wake of the drought in California, home energy efficiency is one of the biggest efforts we can make in sustainability. Plus, it can save you a good sum of money.

For example, did you know that washing your clothes in [...]

Tregnan Golf Academy

Tregnan Golf Academy – Griffith Park

Marty Tregnan Golf Academy

Sometimes it can be hard to move to the Los Angeles area with kids because parents fear that there are not enough activities for their kids. There fears should fade away at the growing number of facilities directed at the children in the Los Angeles area. The Tregnan Golf Academy recognized that there needed to be a greater opportunity for youth to discover the game of golf.

The Tregnan Golf Academy offers a state-of-the-art training and practice facility [...]

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance – Maintain Your Investment

Home Maintenance – Maintain Your Investment

Buying a home is definitely a financial investment – and home maintenance should be taken seriously in order to protect your investment.

Regular home maintenance is important for your home. I like to think of it like I would my car. My car gets regular maintenance – oil changes, tire rotations, some new fluids may be needed now and again – what ever it takes to keep my car and its engine happy and healthy. Well, [...]