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Button Mash


Three weeks into October, Echo Park’s Button Mash opened their doors to the public. What had been brewing inside was an amalgamation of many different dreams. Co-founders Jordan Weiss and Gabe Fowlkes met while working in film development, but each of them had wandering passions. Weiss comes from a family with a background in the restaurant industry, and Fowlkes, an avid gamer, grew up working in an arcade. When their friends, Nyguen and Thi Tran of the infamous Starry Kitchen [...]


Miles Siggins

If I were to begin a conversation with you by proposing a theory of a clear lineage from the Sex Pistols to Ryan Seacrest, I’d expect you to excuse yourself from the table. I wouldn’t blame you. The thing is, there is a significant common thread that runs from the birth of UK punk to a reality TV empire, and that thread is better dressed than I could ever even conceive of being.

Christoph Waltz, styled by Miles Siggins

That thread [...]



It’s not a big secret that the answers to a multitude of our problems lie in finding and utilizing sustainable energy solutions. Solar energy is one of our greatest resources, and while utilization of that energy has increased in recent years, many homeowners still seem wary about solar panels. Their concerns are reasonable, as there’s been an influx of misinformation and subpar quality panels saturating the market. Homeowners who’ve expressed concerns about solar panel costs, efficiency, and reliability have been [...]

Birds of a Feather

Melanie Florio

Clark Living friend and client, Melanie Florio, is exactly the woman you’d expect to meet were you to comb over her extensive portfolio before meeting her. She’s a prolific painter and illustrator, which makes sense given her boundless energy and enthusiasm. Florio, who received her MFA from the Laguna College of Art and Design and now teaches at Mt San Antonio College and Rio Hondo College, began her formal training in oil paint as a teenager. Among her many influences she [...]

Lyric Preschool


Clark Living friend and Lyric Preschool Director, Mr. Curtis, didn’t realize that preschool was his calling until his own son started school at the age of two. He became deeply interested in his child’s new day-to-day environment and decided to change his own direction.

“I loved [his school] so much, I went back to school and got a degree in Childhood Development.” In 1990, Mr. Curtis purchased Lyric Preschool, which had already been serving the community for 25 years.


“Some preschools are [...]

Mixed Mutts Rescue


For a lot of us, home is where the furry face greets you. Few things can instantly turn a house into a home faster than the unconditional love of our pets. There are a lot of pets out there though that haven’t found their way home yet, and that’s where Clark Living friend and Mixed Mutts Rescue co-founder Caitlin Minges comes in.

Six years ago Minges began working at My Pet Garden in Pasadena, where she met her business partner and [...]


Recess Eatery

You, like me, may recognize Chef Sevan Abdessian but not immediately be able to place him. Indulging in Netflix binges of cooking competition shows will expose you to Sevan several times over; he’s participated in Food Network’s shows Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen, FYI’s Man vs. Child, and Anthony Bourdain’s The Taste on ABC. Aside from a playfully competitive nature, Abdessian continually competes in order to bring more attention to his beloved Glendale restaurant, Recess Eatery.


After working for years as a [...]


alexandra’s table


alexandra’s table, the quaint café and shop adjacent to the San Gabriel Mission, offers a small but telling glance into the grand scheme of Alexandra Poer’s passion for food and everything to which it’s inextricably linked.

The menu at alexandra’s table shifts along with the seasons. The food, like the place itself, is contemporary Californian with French and Moroccan influences. Carefully curated shelves are stocked with specialty jams, sauces, glasses, and gifts, some locally sourced and some imported. The feeling you [...]

Found Coffee LA


I’ve read a lot of reviews where the writer describes a place or a thing as being more-than-just: “This is more than just a restaurant,” or, “Their gelato is more than just a frozen Italian treat with a lower butterfat content than American ice cream.” Of course they mean this metaphorically, to make a point about how great their subject is. But Found, Annie Choi’s new coffee shop in Eagle Rock, actually is more than just a coffee shop.

Part coffee [...]


Made Goods

It was only six years ago that Clarkliving friend Chris DeWitt developed a line of mirrors. After leaving his post as president of Free People, the luxe bohemian brand that counts Urban Outfitters and Anthropolgie among its sister companies, DeWitt teamed up with furniture designer Oscar Yague. They began by making mirrors that were used in Anthropologie’s infamously well-curated stores, but it wasn’t long before their new company began to grow—and it hasn’t stopped since.

Made Goods, the original furniture line [...]