Xander Singh: Muffin

“You’re not that inspired when you’re happy,” Xander Singh, who’s a Clarkliving client and close friend, says matter of factly. “When you’re really happy, it’s hard to write anything interesting because you’re just busy being happy, just living it.” Such is the cathartic experience a lot of artists recognize but don’t really like to admit. […]

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The Unsung Sandwiches of Pasadena

Let me begin by clarifying that this is about sandwiches; I’m not talking about burgers or wraps here, those are different beasts. And what is the exact line between a burrito and a wrap? Or a quesadilla and a panino for that matter? The lines get too blurry. Technically even spam masubi could qualify as […]

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Drum & Lace

Sofia Hultquist, otherwise known as Drum & Lace, is an Italian-born Angeleno, composer, and sustainable fashion advocate. At 18 years old, Hultquist left Italy to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston to study film scoring. She went on to complete graduate studies in 3D Audio, Music Technology, and Electronic Music Composition. As a female […]

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The Black Thumb Club

I consider myself, by all accounts, a nurturer. Do you need something to drink? A little nosh? You look peckish. Please, I have homemade snacks prepared, and at worst a pack of almonds in my bag to get you through, so please allow me to feed you. Chilly? I have an extra sweater for that. […]

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Gold Line Pilates

Pasadena isn’t hurting when it comes to fitness options- there’s a wide variety of chain gyms, fashionable high-end studios that may possibly be more for prestige than for fitness, CrossFit boxes, fighting gyms, and so on and so forth. But one thing the Crown City has been lacking is an intimate, private Pilates studio that […]

the rdm company

While Clarkliving friend & client Regina DiMartino was attending Hunter College in New York City, someone offered her a job as a page at ABC. DiMartino took the job and thus began her lengthy career in television. Post-page life, DiMartino transitioned into public relations for daytime TV. Throughout her career in television—which included involvement with […]

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Lola’s Peruvian Restaurant

“You, my friend,” I said to Mauricio, “are an Italian mother.” Mauricio Vincenzi, the general manager at Lola’s Peruvian Restaurant in Glendale, smiled knowingly as he continued to bring delicious things for me to try. I came to Lola’s on Brand for a weekday lunch, and the ever-doting Vincenzi continually asked me if I would […]

Burrito Day

I was in our office one day when Steve excitedly rubbed his palms together and said, “Andy’s coming by. It’s burrito day.” When I asked him to explain, he said, “You don’t know about Andy’s burrito days??” I didn’t know what he was talking about, but I knew I needed to be a part of […]

Gelateria Uli

Uli Nasibova and her husband Ryan Vaillancourt moved to Downtown LA in 2008, when the renaissance was beginning to really flower around them. Uli noticed that among the new crop of businesses and revitalized housing, the neighborhood still lacked a gelato shop, or really any kind of delicious frozen treat distribution. What started as a […]

Mr. Incognito

  On Friday the 13th of August in 1993, Incognito Tattoo was born. It was birthed of Mister Jason Schroder, otherwise known as Mr. Incognito, a Clarkliving client and friend. Incognito first opened its doors on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena, and it thrived in that spot for more than fifteen years. About six years ago, […]