Tie the Knot x LZZR Jewelry

In 2012, actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family) founded Tie the Knot, a non-profit focused on marriage equality. Over the past 5 years, Tie the Knot has raised over $1M and grown into realizing global efforts to advocate for LGBTQ rights and marriage equality beyond the states. Tie the Knot raises money by releasing limited-run seasonal […]

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Alan Chang: Say What I Gotta Say

  Alan Chang, a Clarkliving client and close friend, is one of those people you don’t realize you already know. Perhaps that’s why his first solo album, Say What I Gotta Say, is so significant; we’ve all heard his work, but now we actually get a chance to listen to the guy. Chang, an alum of […]

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Fiore Market Cafe

You don’t need to know the story behind Fiore Market Cafe, the bustling little lunch spot on the corner of El Centro and Fremont in South Pasadena, to feel that there’s something wonderful afoot as soon as you walk in. Fiore embodies the essence of a place like South Pasadena; it’s petite and familial and […]

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A Guide to Summer Cocktails, in Chronological Order

It’s August already. It’s uncharacteristically humid. Deadlines are still looming and school will be back in session soon. You deserve a you day. A you-and-your-person-or-people day. A chance to enjoy the dwindling days of summer as they should be enjoyed: with an ice cold beverage or five. Come, join me. Let’s take a lil tour. […]

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Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Heaven | George’s Showroom, Pasadena

I realize we may be giving off the impression that the real estate industry is where you head when you’re transitioning out of the music industry, and that’s not entirely true. When our friend Rick Brandley, a former touring sound engineer, decided he didn’t want to be on the road forever, he came home to […]

The Revitalized Eagle Rock Farmer’s Market

In 2016, the Eagle Rock Farmer’s Market had seen better days. The once-great farmer’s market had gone through several vendor changes and location changes in the 20 or so years since its formation. By the end of last year, the whole ordeal had been whittled down to essentially three vendors, none of whom sold produce, […]

Xander Singh: Muffin

“You’re not that inspired when you’re happy,” Xander Singh, who’s a Clarkliving client and close friend, says matter of factly. “When you’re really happy, it’s hard to write anything interesting because you’re just busy being happy, just living it.” Such is the cathartic experience a lot of artists recognize but don’t really like to admit. […]

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The Unsung Sandwiches of Pasadena

Let me begin by clarifying that this is about sandwiches; I’m not talking about burgers or wraps here, those are different beasts. And what is the exact line between a burrito and a wrap? Or a quesadilla and a panino for that matter? The lines get too blurry. Technically even spam masubi could qualify as […]

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Drum & Lace

Sofia Hultquist, otherwise known as Drum & Lace, is an Italian-born Angeleno, composer, and sustainable fashion advocate. At 18 years old, Hultquist left Italy to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston to study film scoring. She went on to complete graduate studies in 3D Audio, Music Technology, and Electronic Music Composition. As a female […]

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The Black Thumb Club

I consider myself, by all accounts, a nurturer. Do you need something to drink? A little nosh? You look peckish. Please, I have homemade snacks prepared, and at worst a pack of almonds in my bag to get you through, so please allow me to feed you. Chilly? I have an extra sweater for that. […]

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