Jeff Markus

When a teenaged Jeff Markus moved to Palos Verdes from Toronto, he knew he’d be spending the rest of his days in Southern California. He graduated from Long Beach State and began working at Virgin Records America while he was still in school. He quickly found a way to merge his passions for design, technology, and music, and he co-created Virgin Records’ first website.

As a webmaster and web designer, Markus worked for Neil Young, Rolling Stones, BB King, Ice Cube, and Cher, among many others. He spent nine years working at Yahoo and two years working at Disney before he decided to bring his interest in real estate from the back burner to the forefront.

In 1997, he bought his first total fixer in West Hollywood and rehabbed it on his own. Since then he’s continued his journey eastward, having bought and sold homes in West Hollywood, Silver Lake, Mount Washington, and Eagle Rock, where he resides currently with his wife and two kids.

Markus was a no-brainer for Clarkliving; he’s a genuine, straight-forward guy with a creative background and a hunger to help people. Though new to being a Realtor, Markus has an intimate understanding of transactions as a result of having bought and sold property in LA for the past 20 years. With plenty of experience being a client, he brings a great deal of empathy and understanding into the process.